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Attracting enormous sums of capital, the wood-to-energy industry is developing rapidly. Scores of new wood bioenergy plants have been announced in North America and elsewhere, and despite a weak global economy, new projects continue to be revealed. As industrialized nations push alternative energy agendas, new technology and exciting possibilities are emerging.

Incredibly, new wood bioenergy plants in the U.S. South alone could require as much as 30 million tons of wood fiber by 2015, according to a study by Forest2Market.

This makes for a mixture of opportunities and challenges for forest landowners, established forest industry participants and new bioenergy players. Is there enough wood fiber available to meet old and new demands? How will the traditional supply chain be affected? How will new plants go about securing wood fiber? How will it be grown, harvested, transported and stored? Are technologies in the bioenergy plants evolving with greater efficiencies as production demand increases? Which electric utilities are committing to it?

Wood Bioenergy magazine will address these and other issues as it monitors the groundbreaking impact of the wood-to-energy sector. With this focus, the magazine will create the ideal environment for manufacturers and service providers seeking to tap into this promising new market.

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