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October 2018

Trying to keep up with all the latest products available in the biomass industry can be an impossible task, however, with the help of Wood Bioenergy magazine and our ever-updating blog site—you can now stay up-to-date on the products that really matter, and get first hand knowledge of their implementation and performance.


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Albach Chippers Suit DG Forestry

The flow of chips leaving the 270° rotatable spout seems never ending. The self-propelled whole tree chipper, Diamant 2000, designed and developed by Albach Maschinenbau, comes with plenty of power—Volvo Penta engines with 612, 700 and 768 HP, matching the demand requirements of the machine with the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The Albach Diamant comes with a true 48x38 in. diameter side infeed, which is today’s standard in the mobile biomass chipper market. The material exits through the hydraulically driven accelerator with independent variable speed adjustment to blow chips to the far front of the trailer or back in the woods. Albach also focused on developing a machine where you can change counterknife and other wear parts at the minimum time.

It’s more than just chipping wood. The Albach can produce and meet the requirements for high quality chips. Company owner Franz Bachmaier has a passion to chip and tests chips himself on a regular basis.

“It’s important for me that I know the Diamant 2000 matches all expectations I have myself regarding reliability, quality and operator comfort,” he says.

The result: Chips with less then 3% fine content (independent test from Holzforschung Austria magazine from 2012) and the best possible throughput.

David Roberts and Gary Wright of DG Forestry in Mid Wales, UK confirm the machine’s quality and reliability. DG Forestry has operated a Diamant 2000 since 2016 and purchased two units very shortly apart.

“The main criteria for the Albach is its mobility and capacity. We chip huge amounts of brush and tree tops in Scotland where the larch disease has killed entire forests,” they comment. “We needed a chipper to access landings on very difficult terrain and almost non-existing access roads. But on the other hand, we chip for biomass plants all over the UK that demand high-quality wood chips. This requires a machine that can travel at legal highway speeds, not compromising its off-road performance or high quality chipping capabilities. The German manufacturer Albach is the only manufacturer to combine these features without compromising performance.”

The Albach chipper matched all their expectations, which led to the purchase of their second chipper with plans to add a third to their fleet.

“We receive outstanding service and parts support. The people from Albach are very passionate with the support and when we have questions or suggestions we don’t feel unheard and always get results.”

Albach builds a machine with proven reliability, where your investment comes with a big reward on the re-sale value. Used machines are near impossible to find and machines manufactured 10 years ago are still going

The Diamant 2000 has proven itself in 33 countries. Other features include 42 in. wheels with permanent 4 wheel drive and a turning radius of only 27 ft., allowing flexibility on any terrain. ABS, cruise control and numerous other safety and comfort features make operating and driving from side to side an easy task.

The heart of the machine is the specially designed rotor and infeed concept.

Operating with the Palfinger crane simplifies the process, resulting in large volumes of roundwood or brush material that can be loaded onto trailers positioned anywhere around the chipper.

Airex Engergy Gains Biochar Approval

Airex Energy, a leader in large-scale biomass torrefaction, has received approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for the sale and use of its BiocharFX product in Canada.

BiocharFX is a 100% natural and organic soil amendment. Its high carbon content promotes plant growth and yields by improving soil aeration and drainage, nutrient retention, as well as soil moisture availability.

When mixed with soil, compost or peat moss, BiocharFX can be used with all types of plants and crops, and for a wide range of applications such as flower beds, home gardening, landscaping, organic agriculture and commercial horticulture.

The Airex Energy biochar plant in Bécancour, Que. has an annual capacity of more than 5,000 metric tons produced from sawdust and bark from fir, spruce and maple species.

Pro-Metal Produces Biomass Boilers

Pro-Métal Plus and Säätötuli Canada will be co-developing a range of biomass boilers for the North American market. The two companies will produce hot water biomass boilers adapted for the Säätötuli multi-fuel biomass burner technology. This Finnish technology has been successfully used and proven for more than 30 years in rigorous polar winter conditions of Northern Europe. Future boilers will be manufactured by Pro-Métal Plus at its Deschambault, Que. factory.

Lahti Energy Teams With Valmet Again

Valmet has received a large automation order from Lahti Energy for the Kymijärvi III bio heating plant under construction in Lahti, Finland. Valmet’s advanced automation solutions will enable the company to promote sustainability by producing energy from certified biomass.

The new Kymijärvi III bio heating plant will replace the coal-fired Kymijärvi I plant that was started up in the 1970s. The new heating plant will decrease Lahti Energy’s CO2 emissions by 600,000 tons per year. The district heat capacity of the plant will be approximately 190 MW.

Vermeer SE Earns Pinnacle Award

Vermeer Southeast celebrated a Vermeer Pinnacle designation in recognition of providing a superior customer experience for its customers. The Pinnacle Award is earned for performance in sales and marketing, providing excellent after-market support, as well as for training their employees. The Pinnacle awards are presented annually by Vermeer Corp.

“Vermeer Pinnacle dealers provide an exemplary customer experience,” says Tony Briggs, vice president of sales and distribution at Vermeer Corp. “This award highlights dealers across the globe who consistently lead in a variety of key business performance metrics.”

Jason Andringa, President and CEO of Vermeer Corp., along with several other executives and staff, came from Pella, Iowa on August 14, to officially present the award and also get a first look at the new Marietta facility and visit the recently opened Buford, Ga. store.

Vermeer Southeast has 10 locations covering Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

Sumitomo Supplies Boiler For Daesan

Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) was awarded a contract by Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. (HDEC) for design and supply of the Daesan Biomass Power Plant boiler island at the new plant in South Korea that is scheduled for production in 2020.

SFW will design and supply the 109 MW CFB (circulating fluidized bed) steam generator and auxiliary equipment for the boiler island. The CFB boiler will be designed to burn wood pellets while meeting applicable environmental regulatory requirements. SFW has supplied more than 30 CFB steam generators in South Korea. This is SFW’s third CFB boiler unit in South Korea firing biomass as its primary fuel.


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